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Erotic Yoga
There are various forms of Yoga that have developed and evolved over time. Many of them deal with sexuality (for example, Tantric Yoga), spiritualism, and [...]
Erotic Touching
Learning ways to be more erotic when touching the one you love can drastically improve your sex life, your sexual performance, and reduce your anxieties. [...]
Erotic God
In erotic love making, a woman wants you to treat her like a sexual goddess. She needs your undivided attention during romance and love making sessions. [...]
Erotic Lingerie
Shopping for erotic lingerie together as a couple is a great way to spice up your sex life. If you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what [...]
Erotic Valentines Days gifts
While erotic gifts are hot at any time of year, a red-hot erotic Valentine’s Day gift will be sure to set the stage for steamy play with your lover. [...]
Erotic Hypno
Erotic hypnosis is mainly used by couples to enhance their sexual pleasures. It is used within adult consenting relationships, while the online community [...]
Erotic Massages
Gentleman, start her engine As an athlete I get massages to soothe sore, tired muscles all the time. Massages not only soothes muscles, it also soothes the [...]
Erotic Photos
Erotic photography and porn are the same thing, right? That’s the most frequent question I get when I tell people that I researched erotic [...]
Erotic Food
Have you ever considered that perhaps it’s the foods you eat that thwart your sex drive? Or that those pleasure foods and drugs are diminishing your [...]
Talking Dirty
Ever wonder why phone sex is such a big business? Guys spend many dollars a minute for hot, dirty talk from lusty women. And women swoon over a sexy voice [...]